The cool comfort solution.

CoolJect Nozzles

Designed to fit unobtrusively when the hand is in the same anatomical position as when performing an injection.
(Nozzles only compatible with CoolJect canisters).

Syringe Holder Features

  • Reusable syringe holder
  • Accepts all 1-3CC syringes
  • Mimics same grip as a syringe
  • One-handed use precision nozzle
  • Device for left or right-handed use

Nozzle Features

  • Reusable nozzle piece
  • Targeted spray of vapocoolant
  • Numbing agent
  • Quick onset
  • Easy to use

CoolJect is the most cost-efficient numbing product per use on the market.

A better experience for you and your patients.

Elevated Comfort

Providing the best experience for patients by reducing injection pain.

One-Handed Use

The only device to offer single-handed ability to numb and inject quickly.


CoolJect mist has the quickest numbing onset & time to injection only takes 4-10 seconds.

Targeted Application

Targeted blanched area for immediate, accurate needle penetration.


CoolJect mist allows for ~30-50 uses per can using half as much product as the competition.


Coolject is a safer alternative. It does not contain harmful ethyl chloride, is hazmat free, and non-flammable.