The cool comfort solution.

The solution to pain management

CoolJect is a cutting edge, FDA cleared, one-handed device for immediate topical anesthetic.
*User provided syringe.

A better experience for you and your patients.

Elevated Comfort

Providing the best experience for patients by reducing injection pain.

One-Handed Use

The only device to offer single-handed ability to numb and inject quickly.


CoolJect mist has the quickest numbing onset & time to injection only takes 4-10 seconds.

Targeted Application

Targeted blanched area for immediate, accurate needle penetration.


CoolJect provides over 50% more uses per ounce than the competition.


CoolJect is a safer alternative. It does not contain ethyl chloride, is hazmat free, and non-flammable.

Enhanced comfort for the best patient experience.

See why doctors choose CoolJect as the best solution for managing injection pain.

Accepts all 1-3CC Syringes
Device for left or right-handed use.
Reusable syringe holder.
Mimics same grip as a syringe.
Precision nozzle
30+ uses per 2 oz canister

The cool comfort solution.

Our CoolJect mist is an FDA cleared device that offers a cost-efficient, fast-acting, one-handed topical anesthetic application, ergonomically paired with syringe injections.
*User provided syringe.

Can you tell the difference?

Your patients can!

CoolJect Numbing
Non-toxic, non-drug spray
One-handed anesthetic procedure for injections
Cost-effective numbing product
Quickest onset of action and dissipation of effect
Other Numbing Methods
May contain harmful chemicals and drugs
Take time to apply and inject separately
Can be expensive single-use products
Have long wait times for numbing to set in & dissipate

We empower doctors & healthcare providers to deliver the highest level of comfort to their patients

CoolJect provides innovative technology that is designed to reduce pain and anxiety without compromising quality or adding any drugs. By innovating new products we are making the next leap for patient care and revolutionizing pain management technology and practices.

Now that’s cool.

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  • * CoolJect is Rx only and is available for use only by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Skeptics speak.

Hear from doctors and patients who’ve tried and tested CoolJect and learn why they trust us for the ultimate experience for their patients.

A difference you can see and patients can feel.

CoolJect is the first medical device that targets an injection site directly in a single-handed rapid procedure using a skin refrigerant for pain relief attached to a user provided syringe for maximum patient comfort.