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We empower doctors & healthcare providers to deliver the highest level of comfort to their patients

Vapocoolshot Inc. develops and manufactures innovative technology that is designed to reduce pain and anxiety without compromising quality or using drugs. By innovating new products, we are making the next leap for patient care while revolutionizing pain management technology and practices by improving efficacy, saving time, and money.

Now that’s cool.

Created by a doctor who cares about patient comfort.

Dr. Jacob Leibovici MS DDS was completing his anesthesia residency when he recognized the need for increasing patients’ comfort. Having a master’s degree in physiology, he set out on a mission to reduce injection pain along with the fear of needles. After extensive medical research, he invented CoolJect, an apparatus that increases the comfort level of patients by temporarily numbing the injection area.

Along the way, he perfected a non-toxic, drug-free numbing formula using a new gas to use as a cooling Refrigerant. Now a single patent has grown to five, and VapoCoolShot is FDA Cleared. Bringing the injection experience into the modern age.

Dr. Jacob Leibovici DDS
President, Founder, & Inventor

Our leadership team.

VapoCoolShot’s professional team is reinventing the way people feel about injections.

Ethan Mandelup


Sharon Leibovici Alcalay

Vice President, Head of PR

Dr. Bruce Myers

Medical Director

Luis Goldner


Mario LaCasse

Chief Engineering Officer

Roni Gerner

Chief Marketing Officer

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  • * CoolJect is Rx only and is available for use only by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.