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CoolJect topical anesthetic canister and associated nozzle are cleared for use by or on the order of any licensed healthcare practitioner. Requires proprietary nozzle for operation and cannot be used without it.
*User provided syringe.

CoolJect Canister

CoolJect mist has the quickest onset of action resulting in maximum time savings (comes in pack of 3 or 12).
To operate, canister must be used in conjunction with the syringe-holder/standard high-efficiency nozzle.

Canister Features

  • 2oz canister
  • Over twice the uses per ounce than similar products
  • Topical anesthetic
  • Non-slip grip
  • Device for left or right-handed use

CoolJect is the most cost-efficient numbing product per use on the market.

CoolJect High-Efficiency Nozzles

Our high-efficiency nozzles are required for operating the CoolJect canister.
Nozzles sold separately and only compatible with CoolJect canisters.

Syringe Holder High-Efficiency Nozzle Features

  • Reusable syringe holder
  • Accepts all 1-3cc syringes
  • Mimics same grip and hand positioning as a syringe
  • One-handed use precision nozzle
  • Device for left or right-handed use

High-Efficiency Nozzle Features

  • Reusable
  • Targeted spray of vapocoolant
  • Gentle application
  • Cost effective design
  • Easy to use

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  • * CoolJect is Rx only and is available for use only by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Pain management at your fingertips.

Elevated Comfort
Targeted Application
One-Handed Use

CoolJect is used to target and minimize cooling area for lessening pain associated with injections (venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic procedures), minor surgical procedures (such as lancing boils, incision, drainage of small abscesses and sutures) and the temporary relief of minor sports injuries (sprains, bruising, cuts, and abrasions). CoolJect is intended for topical application to skin, intact mucous membrane (oral cavity, nasal passageways, lips) and minor open wounds.