The cool comfort solution

The cool comfort solution

Get the Best Topical Anesthetic Results

Get the Best Topical
Anesthetic Results

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CoolJect is the First Topical Anesthetic Innovation in 20 Years

VapoCoolShot developed and patented a unique spray nozzle that delivers non-drug vapocoolant gas more effectively and efficiently. 

The result is that CoolJect® TargetedMist™ provides a fast, effective, lower-cost topical anesthetic that utilizes significantly less product to achieve the same numbing effect as other vapocoolant sprays. 

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How to Achieve the Best Topical Anesthetic Results

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Listen to Why Dr. Clark Larsen Switched from Ethyl Chloride to CoolJect

Less Expensive: uses up to 50% less product to achieve numbing, no hazmat fees

Colder faster, colder longer:  better patient comfort, less anxiety

Safer: non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazmat

Syringe Holder Accessory: reusable, universal right or left handed use, accepts all 1-3cc syringes

Save Healthcare Provider Time: quickly anesthetize and inject without needing a medical technician’s assistance

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CoolJect Topical Anesthetic...Colder Faster and Colder Longer

Technical Comparison


CoolJect® Topical Anesthetic
and Gebauer’s Ethyl Chloride®

Watch the side-by-side comparison video using a thermal FLIR camera.

*The coldest temperature is displayed as a dark blue

Technical Comparison


CoolJect® Topical Anesthetic
and Nuance Medical’s CryoDose®  Medium Stream and Mist


with Infra-Red Thermal Imaging 

(Target circles are 1, 2, and 3 inch diameter) 

While the CryoDose Medium Stream spray pattern provides consistent injection site cooling, blanching is inconsistent due to excessive fluid delivery, leading to runoff and wasted product. 

CryoDose Mist’s larger spray pattern produces an inconsistent cooling pattern, particularly in the center of the target area, which impacts injection site numbing. 

CoolJect is Superior in
Cost-Per-Use And Performance

CoolJect’s spray offers a significant advantage in targeted applications. It provides a smaller, more uniform, cooled area that isn’t prone to the clogging and excessive runoff seen with CryoDose products.

Don’t Waste Another Spray!

Swap Out Your CryoDose or PainEase
for CoolJect